10 Free Tools That Can Boost Your Performance

Here are ten free tools that can help you track your goals

You can boost your productivity using digital and analog tools to help you achieve milestones and boost your performance.

  • A goal is essential for any business or personal growth, but keeping track of your dreams leads you in the right direction. 
  • Measuring your progress and boosting your productivity using free digital and analog tools to track your personal and professional goals is possible.
  • It is important to develop habits and best practices that will help you to track your goals more effectively and stay on track throughout the process.
  • I am writing this article for business owners and professionals looking for tools for goal-tracking to stay accountable and increase their chances of success in achieving their targets.  10 Free Tools That Can Boost Your Performance

Workplaces are naturally goal-oriented environments with well-established deadlines and opportunities to evaluate progress and meet milestones as you progress. 10 Free Tools That Can Boost Your Performance .A small business owner trying to grow their business will set budget, profit, and sales goals as part of their growth strategy. The act of proactively setting career and personal goals goes beyond the workplace, and it requires an additional amount of effort. 10 Free Tools That Can Boost Your Performance. Setting goals is a vital part of an individual’s journey toward advancement and growth. 

Having goals is one of the most important first steps, but it is not a guarantee that you will succeed in achieving those goals. 10 Free Tools That Can Boost Your Performance. It is essential to achieve a goal by steadfastly aiming for it, building the proper habits to support it, and tracking your progress. 

Goal-tracking tools can be as simple as journals and whiteboards for some people, while others prefer the convenience of digital platforms. 10 Free Tools That Can Boost Your Performance. We will highlight ten free goal-tracking tools that you can use to find the best accountability partner to help you achieve business, personal, and career goals in this article. 

Keeping track of your goals is easy with these free tools

There are many tools available that can make tracking goals easier, provide performance analytics, and integrate dashboards seamlessly so that you can reach your goals with ease.

1. A lite version of The Habit Factor 

The Habit Factor Lite is a free habit and goal tracker which makes goal achievement easier and more successful by leveraging positive behavior change and habit development as crucial factors in achieving your goals. Create your purpose and align supportive habits with it. Identify the length of your tracking period and begin tracking your progress over the eight weeks. Please make a list of the days that you want to expand your habit and increase them gradually over time to strengthen your practice. Adding photos and inspirational quotes to setting and tracking goals is possible, making it even more personalized and fun. 

The Lite version of the app enables you to track one goal and up to three supporting habits. The Pro version of Habit Factor is available for a flat rate of $5.99 per month, which allows you to track unlimited patterns and goals. A companion book, The Habit Factor, can teach you more if you’re interested in learning more about the science of habit and achieving goals. 

The Habit Factor website can be accessed for more information about this program. You can download the Habit Factor Lite for iOS or get it as an Android app on the Google Play Store. 

2. Hive

Hive can be used as a project management tool for teams based in different locations simultaneously, allowing members to keep track of their own goals and the team’s collective goals. 

The free tier of Hive offers up to 200MB of storage, ten users, unlimited tasks and notes, and more. Almost all of the features you’ll want to access can only be obtained if you upgrade to the Teams tier for $16 per user per month (or $12 per user billed annually) to access time tracking, shareable forms, an in-app calendar, and other functions.  

You can learn more about this project management platform by visiting the Hive website. The Hive desktop app is available on the App Store, and you can download the Hive iOS app or obtain the Hive Android app.

Did You Know?

Business productivity is a top priority for most small businesses. Small business productivity applications such as Asana, Basecamp, and Trello make managing task juggling and balancing competing priorities much easier.

3. Coach. me

There is a habit tracker called coach. MeMe is a simple yet straightforward tool designed for users to develop new or eliminate bad habits. You can determine your goals with the help of a Coach. I by filling out a questionnaire. There are automatic reminders and weekly reports to help you stay on track, and a community of supporters offers help at any time if you need it. The app provides the option to work with a coach one-to-one as a paid service in addition to the free experience.

You can find more information on Coach. Me by visiting their website. Suppose you would like to download Coach. For iOS, you can get it from Apple’s App Store or Android’s Play Store.

4. HabitBull

It is a free productivity app that helps you set and manage goals and keep track of your progress toward them in the process. You can track your progress on individual objectives and the overall achievement of your dreams. 

This tool includes optical measurements, such as bar graphs, line graphs, and pie charts, to assist you in tracking your progress. You will receive daily reminders from the app, and your data will be stored in the cloud, so access it from any device you wish. A chain-based calendar is also included in HabitBull to encourage users to be more productive. The days on the calendar turn green when a task is complete for each goal and red when a job is not completed for each plan. This feature aims to allow users to create a habit chain, a concept that comedian Jerry Seinfeld has called a “productivity chain.”

The HabitBull website has more information on how to become a member. It is possible to download the free HabitBull iOS application or the Android version of the HabitBull app. It is possible to unlock additional features and functionalities by purchasing a $4.99 premium version.

5. Strides

The Strides app is a free iOS app that provides users with analytics and data regarding their overall progress toward their goals. You can do much with Strides, such as adding goals, setting reminders, and analyzing your progress. Strides offer four progress-tracking interfaces. These interfaces are categorized as targets, habits, milestones, and averages. A specific goal is emphasized on each interface to help instill a different type of data. Business owners may find this a handy feature for separating the development of good habits from the achievement of milestone goals by developing good habits first.

You can find out more information on the Strides website by clicking here. It is free to download Strides from the Apple App Store. If you want unlimited tracking, sync, backup, and more, you must upgrade to Strides Plus for $4.99. 


A well-defined leadership development plan can increase the effectiveness of management across the organization. A goal is to cultivate leadership qualities, prioritize active listening, learn how to give effective feedback and remain adaptable to change and growth in the workplace.

6. Google Drive

The most straightforward approach to tracking your goals is sometimes the best. Using Google Drive, it is possible to create, manage, and track your goals using Sheets and Docs. The goal folder can be used as a hub for organizing all your information so you can view it all in one place under one heading. This tool is equipped with all the necessary features to help you accomplish the goals you set for yourself, although it does not include reminders, analytics, or advanced tracking.

You can break down goals into different sections to track your progress on a quarterly, yearly, weekly, or even hourly basis. A business owner can also use this method to share goals with their employees. The business goals will be transparent to all staff when shared in a shared folder on a network drive.

You can securely store up to 15 GB of files in the cloud per user using Google Drive. 

Key Takeaway

If you are looking for tools and features to help you be more productive and collaborate more effectively, go check out Google Workspace, which has plans starting at $6 per user per month.

7. The Way of Life

Through Way of Life, goal-setting is easy, and tracking progress is easy with the help of a color-coded calendar. The system provides advanced reporting and data daily. You will be prompted throughout the day to check in with the app and mark whether or not you have completed a particular skill. A green or red color will be associated with the day once recorded. 

With its chain calendar, Way of Life is similar to HabitBull, so you can see daily how much closer you are to your goal each day. 

If you want to learn the Way of Life, please visit their website. It is possible to download the iOS version of Way of Life or to get the Android version of Way of Life. 

8. Saves My Time

It is a time-tracking app for Android that monitors how you spend your daily time. A time-tracking system can assist you in creating productive habits, reducing wasted time and procrastination, and improving your work-life balance. You can assess and plan well for what steps to accomplish your goals if you have more insight into how you spend your time. 

If you want to learn more about SaveMyTime, you can visit the website. SaveMyTime is available for Android users to download. There have been reports that an iOS version is in the works. 

Key Takeaway

The most critical workplace distractions that kill productivity in the office are smartphones, web surfing, noisy coworkers, and meetings.

9. Bullet journaling

Ryder Carroll created the bullet journal method, an analog system for tracking short- and long-term goals throughout the year to avoid overwhelming yourself with too many goals. The program integrates scheduling, reminders, to-do lists, brainstorming, and other features to help you stay organized. The system assists users in tracking their goals and planning their to-dos effectively and mindfully through dreams and to-do lists. 

You can make bullet journals with any notebook; bullet journaling is free. Watching a free tutorial video on how Bullet Journal works on the Bullet Journal website and selling Bullet Journal notebooks is possible. The Bullet Journal website also makes available a course and a course-related course and offers a blog with support and feedback from users of this method. An official Bullet Journal companion app for iOS and Android devices for $4.99 allows you to back up, organize, tag, and search notebooks. Get the iOS Bullet Journal Companion app or the Android Bullet Journal Companion app to keep track of your Bullet Journal.  

10. Whiteboards

There are some excellent tech tools, but it is sometimes more effective to record, manage and track your goals with a good old-fashioned pen and paper or a whiteboard. Many business owners and professionals chase their goals using a whiteboard or Post-it notes.

Additional tips for improving productivity

Keeping track of your progress can be made more accessible by using analog or digital tools. To boost your productivity, you can also do it by incorporating small but effective methods into your daily routine to achieve this goal. For an additional boost in productivity, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Take breaks: Regularly taking a break from your work can help you be more productive. The best way to boost your productivity is to take at least one break every hour. Make sure you use your breaks as a means of regaining your focus and not as a means of checking work emails.
  • Set smaller goals: Make sure you set realistic business and personal goals for yourself to reduce the energy necessary to complete the task mentally and emotionally. It is motivating and inspirational to see regular progress in a project.
  • Limit distractions: Using cell phones at work and chatting with coworkers during working hours can negatively impact productivity at work. You may find yourself distracted by family concerns, television, and a host of other factors when you are working from home. Taking proactive measures to minimize distractions to increase the amount of time you are productive. Fostering a focused culture with minimal distractions is crucial if you run your business because distracted workers adversely affect your bottom line. 
  • Limit multitasking: When it comes to multitasking, there are two sides to it. It can be instrumental if you can multitask effectively to accomplish more. A problem with multitasking is. However, more effort and attention should be given to the various endeavors due to too much multitasking. I recommend that you be careful how much you take on; if you’re an owner or manager of a business, make sure you’re delegating only a little to your team. 
  • Listen to music: Many people believe music can help boost their productivity at work. In any case, it’s up to the individual whether they choose to listen to music to enhance their productivity. The right piece for maximizing your productivity will vary from person to person, depending on your tastes and current activities. The theory goes that it is best to listen to music you enjoy and that you know so well that you don’t have to concentrate on the lyrics or the beat as much as the music you like.
  • Declutter your space: When you live in a cluttered area, achieving your personal and professional goals is challenging since you will be surrounded by chaos. Nothing is more important than the success of your business being enabled by your workplace, not undermined by it.

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