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Trends for 2023 in wellbeing, life style

Trends for 2023 in wellbeing

We have the results in: mood-boosting houseplants, wellness gardens and slow living are among the emerging wellbeing trends to watch in 2023 which are expected to affect our wellbeing.

The Christmas decorations have made their way to the basement, but we’ve already begun to put away our gifts and decorations, but it seems like the trend of the Scandinavian life style trend of fika will be on the rise in 2023 – with many of us putting our mental health first and enjoying life at a slower pace.

Here are a few trends to take note of on that note…

1. The benefits of houseplants in fighting seasonal affective disorder

There is much to be said about the soothing properties of houseplants, Trends for 2023 in wellbeing which are known to boost one’s mood and help alleviate the winter blues. A recent study by online florist Bunches found that households will embrace plants for their own mental wellbeing at a greater rate by 2023 than ever before. Plants in our homes are not only a source of beauty but they can also reduce levels of anxiety by making us feel calm and relaxed, which is why they are so beneficial.

The benefits of maintaining your mental health are numerous, and the benefits of maintaining your houseplants have been proven time and again. life Style According to Dani Turner, Bunches’ customer experience director, keeping houseplants is a great way to reduce anxiety, boost memory, and even increase productivity. As we spend most of our time indoors nowadays, it has become increasingly important to bring some little touches of nature into our living spaces. It is not just that they can help to decrease stress levels, life style but they can also act as a powerful reminder for us to take care of ourselves in the same way that we take care of others.

A beautiful green plant that you might consider are Peace Lilies and Areca Palms, along with gorgeous green species like Monsteras or an Aloe Vera plant. You should not forget to send beautiful bouquets of flowers as well. I agree with Dani that flowering creates an instant, unique moment of joy, with their colours, shapes, and scents, life Style which is very different from growing plants. A flower is very emotive while a plant is much more of an essential part of an interior design aesthetic.

2. A slow life

It’s all about living a slower, more mindful, and more meaningful lifestyle, which is what slow living is about. life Style the experts at French Bedroom have predicted that in the months to come, we will embrace ‘slow living homes’ that prioritise flexibility and wellness as well as ‘slow living’.

Slow living has become a popular trend on Instagram, with over five million hashtags being used to describe it. life Style ‘The mindfulness trend is one that aims to create a peaceful space that encourages you to practice mindfulness in the home, and that will influence design decisions in the coming years,’ notes Georgia Metcalfe, founder of French Bedroom.

It is predicted that muted colour palettes will reign supreme when it comes to interior design, says Georgia. life style A rise in the production of pale blue has been observed in recent years, and the demand for all shades of green is expected to remain the same in the upcoming year as well’, says Phillips. Bring the outdoors into your home with subtle beach-inspired motifs that are reminiscent of blue and white colourways, houseplants, and wicker and rattan furniture for a well-rounded look through the use of beach-inspired aesthetics of blue and white colourways.

3. Hacking of the senses

When was the last time you felt sleep-deprived? Feeling exhausted all the time? It is our goal at Sensehacking to help you improve your cognitive and emotional health.

There is no doubt that sensehacking will become one of the most exciting new wellbeing trends of 2023, according to Jasmine Eskenzi, founder of The Zensory, an app that helps you to stay productive and well. The fact that we are entering a time of economic turmoil is a good time to learn how to boost your mood easily and cheaply, so any way to do so will be welcomed by everyone.

A simple way to sensehack at home is to use your senses to enhance how you feel in a way that is meaningful to you. life style There are many ways to boost your mood, such as using candles, diffusers, and pillow sprays. In addition, Jasmine recommends using colour psychology to create an environment that sparks creative thinking, positivity, and enhances well-being.

It is also possible to boost our mood in other ways using our senses, for example, by using colourful digital touchpads or eating for the purpose of “focus”. life Style What’s even better is that the senses are totally free to use, totally accessible and once we learn how to use them best, we can be our most empowered, inspired and uplifted selves, allowing us to achieve all that we desire.

4. Gardening for health and well-being

We have come to understand that gardens have become increasingly sanctuaries in the post-pandemic world. It’s expected that homeowners who are looking to escape into a slice of escapism will start creating wellness gardens in 2023 – whether it’s on their balcony or on their lawn, too.

Getting time to relax and unwind is so important, and we have seen gardens becoming secret sanctuaries in recent years as a result of the efforts of Jacksons Fencing. If you are looking for a way to be immersed in nature and to help with the practice of mindfulness, then any outdoor area is enough. There is nothing better than a big terracotta pot full of leafy Mediterranean plants, which can create a natural sanctuary that seems disconnected from the rest of the world.

5. A guide to the art of ‘fika’

The Swedish tradition of fika – or a short, informal meeting in which coffee is sipped and baked goods are consumed – is set to be a huge hit this year, as people slow down during the day. It is a mandatory morning tradition in Swedish workplaces that provides us with the opportunity to refuel before heading into the day.

There is no better way to describe fika than to say it is a state of mind and that it has become deeply engrained in the culture of Scandinavia, life Style according to the Swedish coffee company L̦fbergs. We have forgotten how precious a moment can be in the midst of our hectic lives, and so Sweden has been leading the way by doing something as simple as taking 15-20 minutes out of our day to share a warm drink with colleagues and friends. They have mastered something we as a society have forgotten to appreciate in the UK Рslowing down and just beinging present.

The benefits of taking a fika moment can be found in so many areas, not only that they boost our moods, but they also create a sense of camaraderie in the team, giving you the motivation you need to do well in the year 2023, as well.

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